Jasleen Kaur Case: Account from the eyewitness

The Video by Christian Conversions in India gives the account by the key eyewitness, who was right there when the brawl between the DU girl and the biker took place. The biker was trying to cross the red light when Jasleen sai, “Red Light hai!” after which the biker starting abusing him, as per Jasleen.

The case went viral after Jasleen kaur uploaded the photograph of the biker on her Social Media Account and lodged a complaint against him in the nearest police station. The case blew so much out of proportion that it led to the arrest of biker. But a day after, the eyewitness has spoken up and from his account of the argument between the two, Jasleen might end up in a bit of trouble with all fingers pointing at her and the question media is asking: Are women taking undue advantage of extra laws being made to protect them?

Watch what the Eyewitness had to say:


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