Jat Regiment treks to Pin Bhabha Pass on 2nd Raising Day – See Pics


In order To commemorate the 2nd Raising Day of a Battalion of the JAT REGIMENT on 01 July 2018, the battalion has undertaken a trekking expedition to Pin Bhabha Pass having an altitude of 16150 feet in the Western Himalayan Ranges of Himachal Pradesh. The Trekking expedition of approximately 230 Km was flagged off with requisite fanfare by General Officer Commanding, Gurj Division on 11 Jun 2018.

The expedition team comprising of one Officer, one Junior Commissioned Officer and 19 soldiers was ably commanded by Captain Shivaji Doke, the First Commissioned Officer of the Battalion.

The selected persons of expedition traversed through rugged and grueling terrain of Sarahan, Kafnu, Muling, Kara Lake, Fustirang, Mangrungse, Mud, Tabo,passing over the Pin Bhabha Pass and culminated at Kaza on 01 July 2018. The expedition was Flagged In by the General Officer Commanding Rising Star Corps on 06 July 2018.

The expedition epitomizes the join-de-vivre of humble JAT stock, as well as testify the valor, courage and gallant deeds of the JAT soldiers. The expedition will also motivate the neonate battalion to achieve excellence in all fields.


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