How to jazz up your office wear

How to jazz up your office wearLondon:  Everyone wants to look stylish and comfortable at the workplace. Soft flowing blouses, wide legged pants and draped jackets can help in achieving the desired look.

* Culottes: Culottes have made a comeback once again this year and they’re perfect for dressing for work in summer. They’re smart, easy to wear and will show off your summer tan – without being too short. Again, wear with heels if you’re a little short to help elongate the frame.

* Dresses: Smart summer dresses are ideal for work, plus they will take you straight to the bar as well. Keep them just above the knee at their shortest length. Peplum dresses are still very on-trend and are super flattering for all shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid of prints and colours too. Just remember to keep the rest of the look toned down.

Now, it’s time to shop while following these tips.

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