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JDA demolishes Shops at Bus stand Jammu; Shop owners protest

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The state govt’s move to change Jammu bus stand area into multi-storeyed parking had been brewing tension between Jammu Development Authority (JDA) and the shopkeepers.


Today (30.03.2017), the situation became even tensed when JDA went ahead to demolish few shops in the area which comes in the ambit of the new plan. The shopkeepers protested and laid down themselves in front of the bulldozers to express resentment at Govt.’s abrupt motion.


One of the distressed shop owners said, “Today, without any warning the JDA began demolishing our shops whereas our property is still on lease which has not yet expired.”


Another protester said that we had been working in coordination with the JDA regarding the new move that the Govt has undertaken. He said, Ëverything had been going well so far what we had been told. But today the dept abruptly started bulldozing our shops.” He further added, “The return compensation that we are entitled to receive has not been fixed as of yet and nothing has been issued in written.”


The shop owners appealed to the administration to hold a comprehensive talk before taking such a harsh step.

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