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Jessie J blames social media for killing romance

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London:  Singer Jessie J thinks romance is dead and blames social media for the same. She says that “if we lost technology for a year more people would get married”.

The 26-year-old singer discussed about the side effects of social media in an interview with Britain’s Cosmopolitan Magazine.

“I think with Instagram and Twitter, romance has lost its way. It’s all, ‘Oh, I’ve got this girl but I could have another one and I can contact her directly right this minute,” she said.

“If we lost technology for a year more people would get married,” she added.

The “Bang bang” hit maker also noted that she would never date a guy who wants her because of her fame and success.

“Nobody that I’m with wants to be famous or be on a red carpet and if they do, then I don’t want to be with them! I want you to have your own life and not be with me because of that,” she said.

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