J&K : A 12 year old boy has become first male victim of mysterious hair chopping incident


Jammu, Sep 27 : A 12-year-old boy has become the first male and the latest victim of hair chopping Incident in Kashmir’s Kulgam sector  which have created panic in several areas in the state.

class 8 th student Shaik Farooq who hails from village Chek Watoo, was at home when the incident took place.

Shaikh Farooq went into the corridor after having his dinner where somebody caught hold of him and sliced down a quarter of his hair. Shocked over the incident he started crying and rushed back to the kitchen,” said Farooq Ahmad Dar, victim’s father.

“We rushed into the corridor, which was filled with some foul smell. The smell was so strong that we fear of getting unconscious too so we rushed back to Kitchen, after which they checked all the rooms of the house but could not find anyone there, but they found out an open window on the first floor of there house, which points that whoso ever it was must have entered into there house through that window only.

As the family was shocked over the incident & was consoling there child moved out after 20 minutes of the incident to call their next door neighbours.

As soon as the News spread all the nearby Villagers gathered at there house.

This was not the first incident reported from that village, earlier a girl from the nearby area has become the victim of the same incident.

A dozens of incidents of Braid chopping has been reported from Kulgam in Last few days.

The J&K government has already made SIT committee to probe the case, but till now Police has failed to solve the mystery.


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