JK Assembly: When MLAs threatened to hang, lynch each other inside the house

We are not alone when it comes to fighting like animals during Parliament sessions, but what example does it set for the future generations?

Protests in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and council during the special GST Session attracted various eye-balls around the country. Today, it is almost a dream to expect our political leaders to ever let a session go by smoothly with them giving each other time to speak and voice their opinions.

However, what happened in the Legislative Assembly yesterday proved that there is no difference between an Assembly session in J&K and a fist-fight on the road.

It is a day which will go down as one of the worst days in J&K’s history, where MLAs not just spewed venom against the rival parties but went down to the extent of thrashing and hurting each other with stationery items.

The legistlature in a democracy consists of the representatives of its people. Hence it can be said that the legislature is a mirror of the society in a democracy. Can such a behaviour be taken as representative of the angst in the people represented by the legislature? Not really, partly because nowadays the legislature mainly consists of criminals who are not proven guilty due to the long and ineffective judicial procedures of this country based on a Criminal procedure Code of british era. Such behavious in front of the cameras is the reason why the educated middle class of this country is more or less not interested in the politics or the politicians. The rich manipulate whomsoever is in the chair to the gain of both. And the poor who are the most affected are manipulated by the politicians on the basis of religion and caste.

However after someone comes into power, the only basis becomes money and the consideration based on religion or caste take a back seat. Hence such incidents are shared on social media for a day and soon forgotten. Because we dont expect any better from our representatives sitting in the legislature. But such an incident should make us change our choices. The next time our vote should be for an individual and not any party or the blatant lies they tell us before election day. That is the only way we can avoid such embarassing incidents. And make no mistake, each one of us is responsible for this. if we want it to change then our choices on election day should not be based on emotions but on intellect.


When the session started Er Rashid alongside different members raised protest against media not being permitted in the assembly to watch the proceedings. However Er Rashid went into well of the house and grabbed the substance of the procedures from Haseeb Drabu which he was perusing. Later when Muhammad Shafi Uri portrayed a couplet “Na samjhoge tooh mit jawoge—,” Er Rasheed requesting that he finish the same and Javaid Beigh challenged Er Rasheed to finish the rest of the piece of couplet. Er Rashid responded by saying “Na samjho gay tooh mit jawoge Hindustan walo, Tumhari dastaan tak na hogi dastanunu mai.”

This created much panic with the ruling bench  MLA’s led by BJP president Satpal Sharma and Javaid Beigh lashed out at Er Rasheed and used abusive language. Javaid Beigh said that Er Rasheed deserved to be hanged at four way for his anti-India ideology and Er Rashid responded that this mentality should make the world know that who are the terrorists. Amid threats from ruling alliance Er Rasheed loudly said “you have been accusing Zakir Moosa and Sallahudin as terrorists but world community should know that the real terrorists and intolerants are there in the J&K assembly.”

“You people have been killing Kashmiris just as well as for the sake of cows and every one of your efforts to weaken the debated character of J&K will be managed strongly” Er Rasheed said that the GST crisis issue has uncovered Indian claims that J&K is India’s vital part, as had it been so natural then they could have executed GST specifically on J&K, and it is abundant evidence that J&K is not India and India is not J&K, nor is J&K like some other territory of India.

Er Rasheed repeated that J&K is neither vital part nor Pakistan’s jugular vein, yet the region on both sides including Gilit-Baltistan is a debated an area and honor claims can’t make it anyone’s indispensable part. Er Rashid unequivocally responded to Javaid beigh and said that if talking truth needs to get hanged I will love to get hanged for my people with love and eagerness.

The protest against the controversial GST Bill further turned ugly the moment independent MLA Rashid  opposed the GST Bill and opposition parties supported the notorious Legislator.


Things turned dirtier when speaking on GST, BJP’s Sat Sharma hailed Mahraja Hari Singh. “Maharaja did a great service to keep the state united with the union government.”
This infuriated Rasheed who said that Maharaja  was an ‘autocrat’.
“Hari singh was a traitor, a despotic ruler,” Rasheed interrupted.


Infuriated MLAs rushed to the well of the House shouting slogans.

Another tiff between NC’s Devendra Rana and PDP’s Ansari took an ugly turn when one threatened other of ‘Lynching him in the parliament itself’

Shockingly, we are not the only ones who fight like cats and dogs during a Parliament session. Political leaders in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey and many more have also written history with some very ugly and nasty fights during Parliament sessions. However, this is not something one should take pride in.

While on one hand, PM is making statements saying lynching in the name of cows will not be tolerated in the country, MLAs inside the Legislative council are threatening to ‘Lynch’ each other just because they couldn’t digest other’s opinions. The pertinent question is what is a democracy where though there’s freedom of opinion, but with ‘lynching’ threat looming on the heads of those voicing their opinion.

What makes it even worse is the fact that the elected representatives of the state lack patience and are apparently not-interested in giving an ear to the opposition and viceversa.

And, not just assembly but council also witnessed some fiery scenes. Take a look


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