JK Bank RE Recruitment: They Shunted me out, because I ‘praised’ Modi’s policies

By CJ Ritika

Jammu and Kashmir bank has always made news with their ambiguous selection lists. This time again, the bank has garnered various eyeballs for the same very reason.

I would like to share my interview experience with you all. I cleared the exam. My interview went amazing. I had 100% expectations of making it to the list of Relationship Executive as I am a Post graduate with good 3 years experience.

It was my turn, I see three people seated in different sofas. After greeting them, I sat, facing the one right in front of me, confidently.

I was asked General Awareness Questions, and since I am a Computer Science PG, I was asked about hacking and the suggested improvements that must be made to the JK Bank website. I answered them all, because I had been studying day in and day out for the interview.

On development, I said PM Modi has brough a number of new policies for the betterment of society and people at large. The interview was all happy and fun until I ‘praised’ PM Narendra Modi. As I said this, I noticed, that the eyebrows of interviewers, immediately raised in disgust. One of whom even quipped ‘Kya Kiya hai Modi Ne’ (in Kashmiri Accent). Immediately my interview was cut short and I was sent out. Alas! I ignored it back then and came out thinking, woah! This was easy.

I asked my friends about their interview experience, they had a horrible one at that. My confidence grew stronger.

After a long wait, the list comes out and hey! I am not selected. My name dod not even in the list of Banking Associates.

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