JK Bank Recruitment 2015 Results: Dropees ’10 point’ request to CM

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Recently J&K bank announced the much awaited list of relationship executive selectees on Wednesday, 8th March 2017, the notification for the same was advertised in March 2015. As per sources, more than 50,000 candidates applied for the post, out of which 3107 qualified the written test and were called for interview. Leaving few, all the aspirants appeared for interview. After waiting for more than two years, only 350 were selected as Relationship Executives and around 1250 as Banking Associates. We have the following grievances regarding this recruitment which only you as being our honorable Chief Minister can address:

• The general ratio for written shortlist to selectees is 3:1, which implies a minimum of 969 Relationship Executives should be recruited. Selecting 350 REs and 1,250 clerks for an advertisement which was seeking to hire REs is utterly absurd, as it raises questions if it was a Clerical Recruitment or a RE Recruitment.

• If vacancies for the post Relationship Executives were only 350, why more than 3000 persons were shortlisted. In the heart of hearts, we planned for future but recruiting agency only infused hope and made fun of our careers.

• It is pertinent to note here that there is no waiting list released by the bank. They only issued the final selection list which is questionable.

• There was no option left for us except to wait for the result. They made us to wait for 2.5 years and wasted our crucial time by delaying it too long. Keeping in mind this recruitment, we left our studies and other opportunities halfway and focused on the same. We put a lot at stake, and passed through mental trauma throughout this time, what should we do now?

• Respected Mam, in recent interviews and being a public loving personality, you always want good future for the people of state and particularly youth, how can one play with our careers by these kinds of opaque recruitments?

• J&K bank never revealed anything regarding recruitment like number of Posts, Marks and neither the Cutoffs which a student has right to know where he/she is standing. We request your kind self to intervene in this issue and help us. It is a humble request to you from all the dropouts to atleast look into the following matter:-

• In the last recruitment of REs done by JK bank in 2013, almost all the students who cleared the written exam were retained by the bank. Why is it not possible this time as we have a CM who wants more and more youth to be employed?

• It was speculated that all those who cleared the written exam will be shortlisted, in the purview of the fact that the bank has successfully opened many new branches in the state. Also, in past two years the bank staff must have also retired. Even Chairman J&K bank recently also mentioned 4000 posts will be filled as branches are being opened in every district. If they are planning to recruitment 4000 Banking Associates in next two years, why not to absorb all of us now because many would not be eligible for next recruitment which would be unfair.

• Being upset and mentally disturbed, we cannot face recruitment like this again. Taking so long and lacking transparency, it would be better if JK Bank can absorb us all with a certain time frame, so that peace of mind can prevail as Out of 900 dropouts, 500 are already working in JK Bank as Banking Associates; we are left only around 500 dropouts.

• Youth is the power of the nation. It’s our prime time to contribute to state. We are dignified to have the first Woman Chief Minster in the state, Only you can help us in this life changing situation by talking a little step and compensating our lost two years. Kindly intervene and sort this out for us. We would be benefitted and will contribute to the development of the state. Thanking you in anticipation JK Bank Dropees 2015-2017

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