arun kumar gupta bjpBJP reacted strongly to the statement of Chief Minister Omar that J&K belongs to Sheikh Abdullah and not to Dr. Shayma Prasad Mukherjee and said that this statement does not behoove of a Chief Minister of the state.

BJP States Spokesperson & State Election Media Incharge Arun Kumar Gupta said that J&K belongs to the respected citizens of the state adding that nobody has ever said that the J&K state belongs to Mukherjee.

He said that Omar Abdullah, by making these statements is only trying to prove his hollowness and poor knowledge of history. The state of Jammu & Kashmir till its accession on 26 Oct 1947 belonged to the Maharaja Hari Singh and thereafter belongs to the citizen of all the three regions of the state namely Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. By stating that it belongs to Sheikh Abdullah, he is trying to create a wedge between the three regions and resorting to cheap politics. Even when he was the Chief Minister of J&K, he had to be reminded frequently that he is not the CM of a particular region only but of the entire state. It is unfortunate that rather than mending his ways, he is restoring to the politics of ‘Divide and Rule’.

Gupta said that with the defeat staring at him, he appears to be losing his balance and making rash and illogical statements. He appears to be day dreaming when he says that NC will repeat its performance of 1977. He forgets that his party’s vote share has reduced in every election since 1977. It is beyond the imagination of a sensible person to understand his weird logic.


He said that BJP’s stand of dynastic rule has been accepted by Omar Abdullah in declaring that Sheikh Abdullah owns the state and Omar is natural inheritor of the state. This statement of Omar Abdullah shows that how much he is influenced with dynastic rule and lives in a misconception that J&K belongs to his grandfather. National Conference always considered J&K as its personal assets and it reflects from the statement of Omar Abdullah but J&K does not belong to a particular party or person but to the respected citizens of the state, he added.

Gupta said that National Conference was in power for almost three and a half decades (34 years) adding that being in power for so many years, NC did nothing for the welfare and development of the people of the state. J&K still lack basic amenities related to health, education, employment, road connectivity etc. NC did nothing for the people of the state in last 34 years except looting the exchequer of the state.

Gupta said that BJP is committed to uproot the dynastic rule from J&K and the people of the state have also supported us whole heartedly to strengthen our mission adding that BJP is fighting these elections on development issues and believe in good governance, corruption free atmosphere, end of dynastic rule, good facilities for education and health care, generating and employment for the youth.

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