J&K BJP has failed Jammu but we still hope that PM Modi will bring this discrimination to an end



By Senior Citizen Journalist Satish Sharma Bral

PM Narendra Modi’s much awaited visit to Jammu, the City of Temples has several expectations as Jammu people showed their trust in his integral leadership by voting BJP and elected 25 MLAs and 2 MPs. Modi ji gave hopes of ACHE DIN to the whole nation and Jammu has been decrying the ever long discrimination that the successive parties have made the region face for years. However, the people of Jammu have largely been disgusted by the political events of last few months that followed soon after BJP decided to join hands with PDP for the sake of power.


Unfortunately, instead of attending the major political issues of Jammu’s development and welfare, BJP’s partnership with the Kashmir centric party PDP has made the party play a second fiddle to them as they have been unable to pursue their agendas as promised to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. There are elements who perpetually cross every extreme limit to demand AZAADI and political autonomy even at the behest of their Pakistan masters and to not send them wrong signals, the party is continually stepping back from its promises.
Jammu, being the sole bridge between India and the state, needs to be strengthened but it seems that the mooters of BJP alliance with PDP have completely ignored the ground political realities under the garb of their claimed CMP-common minimum program. The union has made Jammu a scapegoat for quenching their power thirst which was evident when minor issues like AIIMS were exposed.
Intriguingly, not only this but issues like Tawi Artificial Lake Project were also shelved BJP ministers led by Deputy CM gave much controversial statements thereby justifying their coalition. IIT Jammu has also been gathering dust in the files of Kashmiri dominated polity dimensions and no one one knows where the projects stands now.
Jammu voted for BJP because Modi had promised us better deals, secure future and deliverance of long 66 yrs denied justice, not to talk about BJP’s ideological commitments of Abrogation of Article 370, implementation of Delimitation Commission recommendations,Equal share to Jammu in polity- right from Cabinet to Secretariat.
Now when KPs educated youth is being given reservations in professional colleges across the whole state, why is Jammu youth still being treated like minority and hasn’t been given any benefit or privilege so far. People are still hopeful that this arrival might bring something for the Jammu region too. We expect Modi ji to rectify the flaws of BJP and address the grievance of the Jammu youth as well.
Modi ji’s visit as PM and Jammu’s much hyped hopes from his visit however looks bleak because it is popularly believed that Pro-Kashmiri lobbies within J&K have emerged so strong that Jammu based BJP leaders would hardly muster courage to share Jammuites plight, agonies and their exploitation with the PM. However,since Coordination Committee led by JK HC Bar Association is struggling for AIIMS at Jammu represents the popular feeling that Modi ji will intervene and save Jammu. I share similar sentiments but with a disgusted note of HOPE because of late Kashmir is politically more important for BJP than Jammu who has been made to to suffer betrayals and discrimination like before.