J&K Cabinet to meet on 13th March: 5 Things to Expect


Cabinet to meet on March,13,2018 at Jammu

For the first time after the budget session, the state cabinet would meet on March 13 at Jammu, a source told.

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Sources added that the cabinet would meet at 12: 30 pm to take a final call on several administrative issues.

Major pending decisions will be taken in upcoming meeting including change in departments allotted to various ministers in BJP as well as PDP. There is a buzz that CM is taking up the GAD route for transfers to avoid interfernce by allied members as their views do not go in sync with that of CM Mehbooba’s PDP.

Also with limelight on CM Mehbooba Mufti after expose’ by Activis Lawyer  Ankur Sharma, CM will be bound to make certain decisions against her will to clear her stance so to say. He has alleged that CM has taken certain decisions to facilitate “Islamic Jihadist agenda” by insulating Tribal land grabbers, Bovine smugglers/Cow Slaughterers from penal action.

As per the documents released, Mehbooba Mufti has directed police and district administrations not to provide “police protection” for anti-encroachment drives that are being carried out by government departments against tribal population without prior approval of the tribal affairs department, according to an activist-lawyer.

Did You Know GAD transferred over 200 Officers bypassing cabinet? Read Below

For the chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti, it is the PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir supported by the BJP high command. For her, the local leaders of BJP do not matter in major decisions by her government. Many past decisions and announcements by Mehbooba Mufti on many controversial issues reflects the truth that Mehbooba’s PDP has final say in all matters of governance in J&K

To avoid interference from ministers of a ruling party, government has issued over 200 transfer orders of bureaucrats in the state without the cabinet meeting in the last two years.

The General Administration Department that is headed by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has issued the transfer orders without holding the cabinet meetings to avoid “interference” from any political quarters.

An official of the GAD, said that over 200 transfer orders have been issued since Mehbooba Mufti took over Chief Minister of the state in April 2016.

“Transfers were made without the cabinet to ensure there is no unwarranted interference by the BJP ministers,” the official said.
He said that BJP ministers had made “interference” several times in the past in the reshuffle of state administration and police department, seeking officers in their respective departments and constituencies of their own choice.

Sources said the Chief Minister was not happy with the alliance partner’s ministers’ interference. On December 9, 2016, Mehbooba left the cabinet meeting midway when BJP ministers opposed posting of KPS officers as DIGs and above.

“Only few times in the last 22 months, the decision about reshuffle in the state bureaucracy has been taken in the state cabinet meetings,” the official said.
Top IAS and IPS officers were also transferred in the last one year without the cabinet meetings. “There are administrative sectaries and IG rank police officers who have been transferred without the cabinet meeting,” the official said.

In these orders, the government said that transfers were made “in the interest” of state administration.

There is also violation of the Transfer policy in the state.

Quoting the figures, the official said that 45 IAS and 20 IPS officers were prematurely transferred during 2016 and 2017. Few officials have been transferred three to four times in the last two years.

The premature transfer of officials is in violation of the Transfer Policy. As per the Transfer Policy minimum tenure of a government employee on a post should be two years and a maximum of three years. The policy says that premature transfers shall be made only in unavoidable circumstances.
However, government had tried to justify frequent transfers several times by calling them “unavoidable” and in the “interest of the administration”.
“These transfers are ordered with prior approval of the competent authority. This is provided under the Transfer Policy,” the government had said.