JK Cements turns white elephant, develops into huge liability on State


Nepotism, Corruption digging roots; no check on embezzlements

Jammu:  In yet another tale of irregularities  and scams has come to limelight; J&K Cements Ltd – a premiere   and very ambitious body of Government has witnessed grave bungling in functioning. As per reports, JK Cements is found committing various embezzlements due to blatant misuse positions by officials, ransacking millions of  bucks in  order to live luxurious life. The houses of  these officials are equipped with all modern facilities ranging from   having big bungalows to big  farm  houses. Like other Government departments, JK Cements has also joined the   club of the most tainted organizations of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The deficiencies, wrong policies, wrong   decisions, corruption , Cements . In the time span of last 2 years , at least 180 persons have been recruited in J&K   Cements without any advertisement and interview and moreover, having no need of such employees therein. The
entire appointments were made back door and without any advertisement. The magnitudeof embezzlement can be   gauged by the fact that several complaints have also been lodged in Jammu and Kashmir State Accountability Commission till today but no substantial outcome has been witnessed so far.

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Though the only profitable Public Sector of State, the Company was at its peak in 90s but due to lack of administration, local interference, wrong policies of Government as well as management the company lost its track.   Even in period of peak turmoil, company flourished having raw materials in great quantity particularly the lime.The State Government, 12 years back, in 2006  – 2007  installed  another  600  TPD cement  plant  as  an expansion   unit of J&K Cements Ltd . on  a capital amount of Rs .130 crores with  latest technology. But ,]the latest technology   was limited to papers only and practically the story overturned which can be verified only if Government  intends to   probe the reality by commissioning an expert committee .Demand for cements in the region   had   prompted   the   state owned Jammu and Kashmir Cements to double  its production capacity. It planned to double its production   capacity from 600 tons per  day to 1,200 tons per day to bridge the huge gap between demand and supply of   cement in thestate . But due to prevailing nepotism, it is  going downwards with the passage of time.

Sources placed in the JK Cements told U4uvoice that JK Cements is at  the verge of extinction due to corruption ,   nepotism prevails in every aspect. “The ambitious  project of J&K Cements was designed to make the state able to   generate its own revenue but on the contrary , apathetic approach of Government has made   it   yet   another   den of corrupt elements The management of JK Cements officials are entirely deprived and a dissolute personalities for whom  integrity, truth, loyalty, morality and accountability are just  slogans of weak people and which have no   utility in today’s materialistic world .Handfuls of officials are  totally indifferent to loss suffered  to the public exchequer by their macabre deeds  which smell of his rotten ideology. JK Cements has been seeing unprecedented frauds   and it seems that officials have been transformed into huge rutting elephant who when  moves tramples  all the   laws, State  Vigilance Commission , CBI  and even the government itself under their big feet” Sources added. The   State of Jammu and Kashmir is  entirely dependent  on Central Government ’s assistance. It is pertinent  to   mention   here   that   from   disbursing   salaries   to   state   Governments  employees   or   launching any  new developmental project, State looks at  the face of Center for all its needs. To boost the economy, State Government   started several Projects and J&K Cements ltd was one of them. The JK Cements officers has created shield to protect themselves so that he is not made accountable for his  misdeeds. They are enjoying a lot of public wealth   which is not their own and the  irony is that no one is there to question them where such   undeserving   wealth   comes  from. Illegal and unsystematic amassing  of such  undeserving money by officials  on such  a huge scale   can ’t be grabbed without the unhealthy connivance of  influential  people in the position of  power   and   influence.  It is true that when money speaks truth  holds it silence .

U4uvoice interestingly is surprised that in spite of  misdeeds of Official s, no substantial and suitable counteractive measures have been taken against tainted and moreover they are allow  to carry out their shameful acts of mismanagement and great public loot just to feel charm of power and money. By not opposing the irregularities done by officials  in the JK Cements and taking corrective and preventive action against them seems encouraging officer as  well as their evil practices. Complaints against officials are not dealt in a disciplinary and stringent manner that breaks down public morale  and confidence . It also breaches the trust of the general public as reposed on the law and shatters the spirit of democracy. U4uvoice carries out its duty of exposing corrupt elements of various public departments so that the menace of corruption can be removed away. It is high time for Government  to nail the corrupt in order to improve the financial  position of the state so that it can stand on its own feet rather than center ’s assistance.