J&K : CM Mehbooba announces Gas Agency for pellet victim Insha


Mehbooba mufti on pellet victim Insha-

Insha, the Kashmiri pallet victim, who passed the matriculation, how long will she dependent on her parents? have announced a gas agency for her

House has concern over the situation in J&K, development can happen in an atmosphere of peace-

The situation in J&K is not a new one, it has not been an ideal situation in last two years but it is improving now, we have to address it politically, we have to reach out to people-

J&K is a Muslim majority state which rejected partition on the basis of religion and aligned with a secular country on the basis of humanity, then what went wrong

Why did the ray of light which Gandhi saw in J&K extinguish

J&K remained peaceful in the aftermath of partition

The Islam and culture which made people to align with India, where has that islam gone now

Sheikh Sahib was a popular leader so Maharaja made him to be a witness of accession

We constructed 1400 bunkers in border areas, though our priority should be development and tourism-

Our assembly is the most empowered assembly of the country

If we don’t accept Indian and J&K constitution, then what will we do, I want to ask all mainstream and non stream leaders that whatever we will get we will only get within the constitution

The civilian who was killed in cross firing yesterday was a local

We have to find a solution to the J&K issue, so far many interlocutors were appointed and but you can’t take the horse to the stream, violence is on and people are refusing to talk with the interlocutor

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