J&K CM Mehbooba should resign till Rassana case investigation is completed, Details here


Sunil Dimple, President JWAM held a protest demanding the resignation of the chief minister Mahbooba Mufti and burnt her effigy for the fair investigation into Rassana case, withdraw the tribal policy demography change ordinance, deport illegal immigration from the state.

Addressing the protestors Dimple serves one week ultimatum to hand over Rassana case to CBI or face “Jammu Bandh”.
He said why so vocal Prime Minister Narendra Modi is silent on this fake report of the crime branch due to

which innocents are in Jail. He questioned why prime minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shaha, Ram Madav, BJP are mum on the Tribal Policy demography change conspiracy of the Mahbooba Mufti and PDP.

Dimple said we will call “Jammu Band on the visit of Prime Minister” in the state also if the innocents not released and the inquiry is not handed over to the CBI, NIA.

He said how this is possible, the video clipping is showing that the accused of the Rassana case were present in the MP drawing money from the ATM and were giving exams, at the dates which crime branch has filed in its report of murder rape dates.

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