J&K compensates the least to War heroes and Martyrs. Four points to read

Jammu and Kashmir News

Giving up their lives for the nation is not good enough, the men protecting our borders are treated differently by our Government, at least some are. They risk their lives in a bid to save the nation and here is how the J&K government rewards them.
The widows and the families of the army men, who were killed in Manipur last June, have only been disregarded by our Government.
1. The families have put forth a number of grievances. They have complained that army personnel who are killed outside the state have not been given any compensation.
2. The families have also requested that atleast some member of the martyr’s family be accommodated under SRO-43 in the state itself.
3. They have also pin-pointed the fact that the sum total of money for even the Gallantry award holders from our state is the least in India. It is not even close to what is distributed by the Punjab and Haryana governments.
4. Further they added that according to the proclaims by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every soldier of the Indian army is close to his heart, but his actions speak differently. They have objected the fact that army men who end up giving their lives outside Jammu and Kashmir are not treated as Martyrs.
According to Manjubala, a widow of an army man from Vijaypur who died in Sikkim last year, no one from the Government’s end came to visit her since the death of her husband.