J&K DGP sets an example, orders FIR against own daughter involved in fatal accident


dgpkrajendrakumarSetting an example of the highest standard Jammu and Kashmir police DGP K Rajendra Kumar today directed his department to register an FIR against his own daughter who is said to be involved in a car accident in which a person walking on the roadside was hit fatally in Jammu today morning. Sources said that instead of brushing the matter under the carpet the DGP decided to upholding the highest standard of integrity, and asserting that the case should take the due course of law ordered a case to be filed in the this regard.

The incident took place when daughter of DGP K Rajendra Kumar was driving in the morning at 6 am, and she struck an elderly person walking on the road side, which lead to the fatal accident. The victim is said to be the father of a Jammu based lawyer, and it was being alleged that the case would have been hushed up as it involved the kin of the top police official of the state. However, it was the intervention of the top cop himself which not only surprised many in political circles but police officials who were initially circumspect were taken aback by the honest stand taken by their leader. People in the city have also welcomed the bold decision of the DGP, and said that it is officials like him who hold the nation and the society together as they put duty before family. They also asserted that if all the officials in the state follow his lead then Jammu and Kashmir could become a heaven in reality.

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