J&K: Facebook Live Video And Rash Driving Leads To Fatal Crash (Watch Video)

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Death is not a nice thing to talk about and definitely not something one would want to see happening. Until a few years ago, the information of someone passing away was conveyed hours later through a phone call. Now though, a fatal accident which occurred recently put the spotlight on how technology can be misused to the extent of death.   A group of four friends in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir were on a joyride in a Maruti Suzuki 800 belonging to one of them. Although they do not appear to be under the influence of alcohol, they do appear to be having fun. Way too much fun. The adrenaline rush is obvious, and the car was being driven rashly. How do we know this? Well, one of them went LIVE on facebook.

The front passenger in the car started streaming their antics on a LIVE Facebook video, and the driver of the car seemed more interested in being in the LIVE video and was concentrating on being in the frame rather than concentrating on keeping the car on the road. The driver then tries to overtake a Hyundai Creta at high speed, and loses control, crashing into the divider and as a result, the car overturns.

The Maruti Suzuki 800 involved in the crash is an old 1990s model, and it is to be noted that, at that time, there was nothing called safety features. So, no crumple zones, no airbags, and certainly no ABS. This resulted in three of them being killed and one being hospitalised in a serious condition.


While one of the mistakes they made was going LIVE on Facebook, it wasn’t the biggest mistake. The biggest mistake was that the driver was driving rash, and this exactly why most accidents in India happen. Rash driving has been a nuisance in India for several years now, and has claimed thousands of lives so far. The sad part though is that, people do not seem to have learnt their lesson.

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