J&K : First alleged Braid chopping case solved by police & Shocking details emerge


Yesterday police station Sadder received an information that a braid chopping incident has occured in Chanapora area and one Wasim Yousuf Bhat resident of Roselane Colony alledged that braid of his wife namely Aasia has been chopped by some unknown person after spraying some substance on her face when she was near the bathroom in their compound.
1. The “victim” was immediately shifted to hospital and police also rushed to the hospital and upon questioning following surfaced.

2. That “victim” went to use the bathroom which is situated outside when there was no family member present in the compound.

3. That doctors confirmed that no spray has been used on the victim

4. Her father in law alleged the strangulation which was again denied by doctors.

5. There was no injury mark on the victim.

6. Her mother and mother-in-law have expired recently.

7. She has delivered a baby girl recently.

Clinical psychologists suggest that it can be a case of postpartum depression. A condition which occurs after the delivery of baby to a mother.The depression remains intense for the first 6 months post delivery. Mother finds it difficult to cope up with new additional responsibilities. She has sleepless nights, mood swings and her biological clock gets disturbed.

In this particular case the mother of the victim has recently expired and her mother in law has also expired both of whom are a big support to a new mother and husband due to his own engagements is unable to share the responsibilities. All this aggravated her condition which led her to resort to the said act.
She is now getting all attention and sympathy from her family members.

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