J&K Flood relief paid FOUR times to the same man

While hundreds and thousands are still clutching to their wee hopes of getting relief from the government, some of the recent documents reveal that the money from the Prime Ministers Relief Fund has been diverted four times to a single name. Over a million people were affected in the devastating floods in the valley last year but the restoration and rehabilitation is still far behind the expectations of the victims.flood relief 2

Documents accessed by India Today reveal how the money from the PM Relief Fund has been diverted to the same name for four times. A single person has fraudulently managed to withdraw relief money four times and meanwhile, there are thousands of victims who have been surviving without any aid or support from any government.

The documents show that one person named Mohammad Amin Bhat S/O has managed to receive Rs 50000 four times in different bank accounts and after the details were sought from the bank, it was proven that the same person had opened numerous accounts for the purpose. The locals have been accusing the government of being a part and parcel of these discrepancies. The ruling government, when asked about the matter, said that the CM has to look into it  and they should ensure that the right people get this money.

flood relief 1

The above documents are evident of the fact that the government has been careless about the whole process. There should be more vigorous action, clarity and transparency. These revelations are shocking and perhaps more probe is required into the matter.


Inputs from- India Today

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