J&K Governor remembers President Kalam

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SRINAGAR, JULY 27: J&K Governor, N.N. Vohra, expressed heartfelt grief on hearing about the sad passing away of former President Dr. APJ Kalam and prayed for his soul resting in peace.

The Governor recalled his working closely with Dr. Kalam during 1985-1993 when Vohra was serving in the Defence Ministry and Dr. Kalam was heading DRDO’s crucial Integrated Missile Development Programme Hyderabad. Later, they worked together again when Dr. Kalam was the DRDO chief and Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister and Vohra was Principal Secretary to the PM (1997-98). Vohra particularly recalled arranging for Prime Minister Gujral being briefed  in January 1998 by Dr. Kalam, at the DRDO establishment at Hyderabad, about the strength of  India’s nuclear inventory, where it was kept, and how guarded. Because of certain concerns about the crucial importance of maintaining the secrecy and integrity of the nuclear development programmee, Vohra recalls arranging a meeting in the Rashtrapati Bhawan, in February 1998, in which Dr. Kalam and Dr.Santhanam (a DRDO Scientist) briefed President Naryanan about the nuclear development Programme, when Prime minister Gujral and Vohra were the only others present.

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