J&K Govt does not want to make a provision for booking online appointments in government hospitals

Digital India

The Centre government’s Digital India Initiative had started a very nice feature of booking online OPD appointments in government hospitals. The process works through Online Registration System(ORS) . This technique is used to book appointments across the country and for this purpose, Aadhaar based reservations are done. The registration process is completed using the mobile number of the patient as mentioned in the data given to the UIDAI for the Aadhaar card or if number is unavailable, the patient’s name is used. This procedure really simplifies the whole system and related problems like waiting hours for your turn. All that you have to do is to verify yourself using Aadhaar Number and show them the SMS received for the appointment.

online registartion system

It is clearly mentioned on the website that hospitals can come on this platform and register slots for online booking. The system completely allows the hospitals to manage the registration and appointment process and monitor the flow of patients.

This initiative was taken by the government in the year 2015 and as of now many states has registered on the web portal in order to make their health sector more accountable to the public but our government is less concerned about upgrading the old procedures. States like West Bengal, Uttrakhand, Tripura, Rajasthan, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand and even our neighbouring state Himachal Pradesh have registered on the portal.


himachal pradesh online appointment in govt hospitals

Himachal Pradesh and Delhi have registered maximum number of hospitals providing a relief to the people of the state whereas our government is sleeping and is not taking steps towards improving our health sector.

booking online appointment in govt hospital

Despite the availability of opportunity, government does not want to make use of it. Now what we should conclude from this situation? Government does not want to make any effort to at least take a step towards building up a better, responsible and reliable health sector.