J&K Govt to set up two DNA profiling units, likely to accelerate criminal investigation

In a move which will help in solving crimes in a better way, and also end the delays which happen due to lack of a DNA laboratory in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has decided to set up two DNA Profiling units in the state. As per a senior government official, two DNA units have been sanctioned in the Forensic Science Laboratory by the state home department.
These units will include DNA profiling, and laboratory facilities, and computer-Cyber-voice identification, and video authentication technology. The government has invited expression of interest from experienced organizations to set up the two new units.
DNA profiling is process which involves the collection, processing, and analysis of unique sequences on the DNA profiles, and checking the VNTR which stands for variable number tandem repeats. The VNTRs result in bands which help in profiling the people, and to investigate crime scenes, and people involved in the same.
DNA profiles can help in solving the crime because there may be blood, hair, and something organic like body fluids left at the scene of crime. What forensic scientists do is to check, and compare the STR profile of a blood sample which is obtained from the crime scene with that of a suspect or a victim, and if a match is found than it can certify a crime or a criminal or also help in ensuring that an innocent person is not framed.
It is to be recalled that lack of DNA profiling, and high quality forensic facilities have resulted in several criminal cases in Jammu and Kashmir getting delayed during investigation as the evidence had to send to labs in Hyderabad, and Gandhinagar. Whether it is the infamous sex scandal in Kashmir or the Chopra murder case in Jammu- the cases have long been delayed because of the lack of DNA, and other forensic facilities. It is now being expected that units would be set up soon so that criminal cases don’t get unduly delayed, and malcontents are brought to book scientifically.
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