JK Govt. to roll back order of ex-gratia for Burhan’s family?


Jammu: Government is thinking over its discussion to the issue the ex-gratia relief to the family of Bhuran Wani on the account of his brother.

Though the army has raised red-flag over the discussion of the government to put the name of his family on the list of ex-gratia relief but till now hasn’t filed any objection, which is mandatory as per rule of ex-gratia relief.

“There are political and security issues involved. The PDP feels that by extending the ex-gratia relief to the brother of the Burhan wani, supposedly died in the controversial killing, it could tell the people it makes clear distinction between the militant and his family. And it may have echoing effect. But, the security agencies feel it could have far reaching ramification and also that extending State relief to the family of terrorist whose death created havoc is self contradicatory and so can’t be accepted,” said a top official posted in the central intelligence agency.

PDP was trying to score some political points, by announcing compensation to slain militant’s family, but as this being a matter of national security, politics should not be involved and such discussion of the government may lead to major security concerns.

“It’s not an easy call to take. There are divergent views. The call has to be taken by weighing both the option. We can’t allow security apparatus to be affected by any means. And it means that every perceptional level also, as name BurhanWani attached in any manner has strong connotations. So there is likelyhood that this proposal may be rejected but then some other media may be found out, as we to have support and bank on the PDP, both for out moral obligation and also for our commitment to support it as per the directions of the prime minister,” said the top official.

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