J&K HC terms beef ban laws dead, order likely to put BJP – PDP in a bind

The BJP will ban cow slaughter in Bihar if it wins the assembly polls, senior party leader Sushil Kumar Modi said on Monday.
Image Courtesy: Online Media Sources
The beef ban controversy which the coalition government had thought would get resolved after the Supreme Court order is refusing to die down, and it is likely that BJP and PDP will once get caught on the wrong foot after the state High Court’s full bench termed the law on beef bas as ‘dead and fossil’. The Bench has now asked the state government to consider the issues raised in petitions, and take steps in accordance with the law.

Now it remains to be seen how this sensitive matter is handled by the coalition because the Hindus who have voted BJP to power insist on the ban on beef whereas Muslims who supported the PDP want the beef ban to go. The political parties in the state depending on which side their supporters are taking equally divisive stands which have led to polarization.

Although the Bench has also said that while reviewing the existing laws it should also ensure that no inter-religious conflict takes place in the state. However, if the state government tries to implement this order in letter and spirit it would be interesting to see how it prevents the communal conflagration. The High Court in it’s order said that beef ban laws were dead, and lost their sheen.

“Some laws owe their existence to will of an autocratic king while some are created to achieve a definite purpose or to serve the ends of an autocratic monarch. However, after constitution coming into force, these laws become obsolete and redundant,” it observed. The High Court as such has once again put the onus on the state government to tackle this issue which is sure to put BJP, and PDP in a bind.

No leader from both the parties has issued a statement or a reaction as they know it could lead to an explosive situation.

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