By not respecting the 2014 verdict J&K heading towards a split between three regions

J&KThe manner in which 2014 assembly elections have led to regional polarization which is aligned on religious and ethnic lines points to the sharp divisions which are inherent in the politics, and the minds of the people. And if politicians, and civil society groups are not able to rise above these differences, and accept  the diversity of thought, opinion, and aspirations in the state it could be hurtling towards disaster, and disintegration. Jammu and Kashmir has stood like a wall against Chinese and Pakistani aggression, and has been an example of unity in diversity. But if one section of population is not ready to share power, and resources with the rest of the state then it will lead to the inevitable. Even the most hardcore politicians are today ready to accept in private that the 2014 verdict means that power has to be shared with people of Jammu and Ladakh. The people of this region having become tired of the dominance and machinations of the regional parties, and even the Congress to a great extent which pandered to the interests of Kashmir despite getting votes, and seats from Jammu.

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