JK High Court revokes the restraining order on recruitment of Asst. Professors


Jammu, Mar 4: The High Court Chief Justice and Justice Alok Arade Anpal Vsnthakumar LPA’s division bench disposed off the ban on recruitment of Assistant professors in the state. The high court further directed the Public Service Commission (PSC), to carry out the selection process, in accordance with the regulations issued immediate orders .

1651 Assistant Professor in the Department of Higher Education selection process went on a restraining order imposed by the court was dismissed by the the High Court.

Division bench found that the petitioner party as well as the other party when verified, the legality of the stop order is not lawful under its ambit. The bench said that it is necessary for the judgement of the writ court to undergo the process afterwards.

In this case the writ Court cited Srinagar has cited the wing of the High Court judgment while the high court’s decision came ahead of schedule. The writ Court had stated order contrary to the arguments in the High Court writ, upon which the restraining order is cancelled.

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