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J&K : Intel report suggests possible terror attack in the next few days in Nagrota-Jammu-Pathankot area

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New Delhi : Intelligence sources have informed Times Now that inputs about a terror attack in the next few days have caused concern for the government.

Sources have told Times Now that there has been information to 16 corps about an attack in the Nagrota-Jammu-Pathankot area.

Top Intel sources say that about 10 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists infiltrated into India about a month ago and some of them went to Pulwama and others towards Srinagar airport.

This is where the divergence of opinion between the Intel agencies and the local police comes, according to one agency – some of them were neutralized during encounters with the security forces but others believe the terrorists were part of a different group.

The next two or three days are likely to be crucial with security forces in the Kashmir Valley on high alert.

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