J&K Legislators demand Rs 2.5 lakh/month salary

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Srinagar:┬áIn the ongoing assembly sessions, the MLA’s as well as the MLC’s have demanded a tremendous hike in their salaries. They have put forth the ministry to pay them a lump some of Rs 2.5 lakhs/month.

In addition to their salary hike, they have urged before the assembly to increase the CDF from 1.5 Crores to 5 Crores.

A written plea, regarding the same, with signatures of all 54 officials was handed over to the presiding officer. The 25 ministers of the ruling Coalition PDP-BJP Government are not included in the list. The Chairperson has urged the government to look into the matter.

BJP Minister, Satpal Sharma, pointed out that the government faces a shortage of yearly 1.5 Crores due to which the day to day work of the Assembly suffer. He added that many areas are left unattended due to the shortage of funds.

Along with this, the other officials insisted on increasing their salaries. Member of the Legislature Council from Congress, GN Moga, highlighted that the income of the member of the State Assembly is merely Eighty Thousand Rupees, which keeping in mind the present scenario, is quite less. He put forth the view of increasing the basic salary, that is just Thirty-five Thousand Rupees currently. The other members of the Congress party supported his views. Congress leader, Jugal Kishore, pointing at the Kejriwal Government in New Delhi, recommended the hike.

On the other hand, PDP member, Surinder Choudary, elaborated that as per the protocol, the ministers members having higher authority or position, are being paid less as compared to their PSO counterparts, who receive forty to fifty thousand of salaries.

National Conference’s Kesar Lone, said that along with raising the pensions of the ex-members of the assembly, the present legislatures should be provided with laptops and tablets and other gadgets.

Finance Minister of the State, Haseeb Drabu, in his address to the assembly assured the other members that the issues of CDF and the salaries of the members will be discussed more seriously with the Government.

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