JK Media Guild and JK Editors Federation merged under the banner of JK Media Guild

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jk media guild pc (1)Jammu: In a major development today two largest Media representative organizations of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, JK Media Guild and JK Editors Federation have unanimously decided to merge under the banner of JK Media Guild. The members of the two organizations after several rounds of the meaningful deliberations resolved to arrive at the exemplary decision to fight unitedly for the cause of the journalistic fraternity in the state. The members of the guild during the series of discussions felt that since the member organizations and individuals are facing similar issues & problems, so the solution can better be taken by fighting jointly
Bilal Bazaz President of JK Media Guild (JKMG) while addressing to the media in a press conference here  expressed grave concern against the state and non state actors responsible for creating wedge among the journalistic fraternity by exploiting regional and religious sentiments across the two regions of Jammu & Kashmir.
Bazaz felt that this kind of exploitation over the years on one hand affected the sanctity of the noble profession and on the other hand the manipulated situation encouraged the state agencies to thrust anti media policies especially depriving the media-men of their genuine and justified rights.
Rajesh Gupta the newly appointed Spokesman of JK Media Guild (JKMG) in his statement said,”the state information department adopted the policy of divide and rule,  popular & non-popular publications. It was observed that the state continues its cynic approach towards the media and has been doing nothing to uphold the democratic traditions of the previous regimes to strengthen the fourth pillar in the state for a better democratic system. It was also observed that the information department deviated from its basic responsibility of acting as a bridge between the two important pillars of the democratic system i.e., the media and the political establishment.
Gupta further said, “It was felt that the department of Information, instead of projecting the important issues related to the media in the state before the government has been misleading it on menial issues like saturation or the mushroom growth which became tool in the hands of the unscrupulous elements in the administration to deviate the attention from their corrupt practices. Otherwise, it was felt, the government which has been spending hundreds of crores on the renovation & decoration of the palatial government accommodations allotted to the politicians and bureaucrats would not have minded the settlement of long pending issues of the media fraternity involving a few crore of rupees only”.
The members later nominated a central body of the JK Media Guild with Bilal Bazaz as president, Pritam Singh Saini & Imtiyaz Ahmad Bazaz as vice presidents and Rajiv Mahajan as General Secretary. Mr.Mir Aijaz was named as Chief organizer, Rajesh Gupta as Spokesman and Varun Magotra as treasurer of the organization.
The President, Bilal Bazaz, after thanking the members for reposing trust & confidence in him to lead the fraternity, vowed to fight the injustice meted to them by the state with a honest determination. He said that he will discourage the politics of regional or religious sentiments and will take together the friends from both the regions of the state to get the justified demands of the media fraternity considered for final resolution. Bazaz, however asked the members to shun the negative feelings and respect the social commitments through their write ups in their respective publications for creating a clean and responsible society in all regions of the state. The president, Bilal Bazaz thanked the media men for sparing time to attend the press conference and requested them to help the guild in getting their justified demands honoured.