JK Police busts huge drug racket; Seize drugs worth over 10 crores


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu: In a successful undertaking of its ‘war against drugs’, the Jammu police have been able to bust a major drug deal at Narwal Jammu
The menace of drugs in both Jammu as well as Kashmir province, is a coordinated trade along with its habitual consumption. In the past five years, its demand and application has increased manifolds due to which it became the ‘priority area’ for the law enforcement groups.
Not just stressing on the quantity of the material seized by the police but, the quality of the product. According to the police, they have managed to seize drugs of the highest standard. FIRs have be lodged with the NDPS. They were able to break the established nexus.
Addressing the media persons IG Jammu, Danish Rana IPS said that there are three possible ways, through which drugs enter our state. The first and the foremost channel is our already drug-ridden neighboring state of Punjab, the locals have been consuming drugs that are being imported from Punjab in huge quantities. The cannabis products from Kashmir, especially South Kashmir, make easy entry into Jammu via the Mughal Road or the National Highway. The third and the most deadly route is the cross-border trade of drugs. Traditionally the narcotic smuggling from Pakistan has been very prominent in our state.
The Intelligence Agencies, Executive Police, and even the Police forces from other states pulled together the entire operation in order to burst the vicious network of drugs.
The officials studied deeply the routes of the peddlers. Police men at various check posts were alerted and thorough inspection of suspected vehicles were carried out. However, the officials accepted the fact that it is not humanly possible to check each and every vehicle, due to which this particular vehicle, which had built fake cavities in order to hide the product, was able to slide through unnoticed.
The police, were later informed about this particular Santro Car, and as a result they got hold of nearly 10 kgs of high-quality heroine, whose price as per the international market is in Crores. Along with heroine, they seized nearly 10 kgs of brown sugar and Rs 11.4 lakhs in cash. All the people involved in the transaction, including the couriers, the source and even the end-receiver were busted by the police. A total of 5 people are arrested by the police out of which two are from Kashmir, two of the receivers belong to Kerala and fifth one, Surjit Singh, who is currently in police custody, is a resident of Punjab.
The entire department is happy after the successful disclosure of this massive inter-state drug operation.
The police have assured that any such future development would be unmasked as early as possible. They have also urged the general public, the media and the civil society to step against this plague that is devouring our society. More and more awareness about the deadly effects of drug use can be of great help to curb its growth.
The police department has taken adequate measures for the rehabilitation of the youth addicted to this hazardous outbreak. A new de-addiction centre is going to be inaugurated soon in the city.