JK Police fails on promises of transparency over constable exam


By Citizen Journalist Sayeed Ul Ramzan

Who are the real fools? This is the question which really has put thousands of aspirants for the post of constable in deep confusion and yet they know the answer. A few days back, the notification for JKP written test was let out for the recruitment of JKP Constables on 20th March. The notification was quite reassuring to be honest as it read that the JKP written test will be transparent and there will be no chance of any backdoor entries and answer keys will be uploaded immediately after the exam.

So much for the promises of transparency. The answer keys have not been uploaded even after over 36 hours of the exam now and the same notifications with big promises regarding the transparency of exams and answer keys are conspicuous with their presence.

Is it but a joke? Will the functioning of the state departments never improve? How does one rest assured that there would be no backdoor entries? The accusation is grave but cannot be withdrawn and it is our foolishness in general especially of the poor who cannot afford the money to think ever of a Police job.

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