J&K police offered chocolates instead of challan for breaking traffic rules


Usually people who break the traffic rules have to pay challan. But, this has happened for the first time that people got chocolate bars on breaking the traffic rules.

Yes, it happened.

The J&K police offered chocolate bars to the people who were either without the helmets or the seat belts.SDPO Handrwara Shabir came into limelight for punishing the traffic rule breakers in an innovative way. He offered the chocolates instead of asking them to pay challans.

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He adopted this innovative way to make people understand and realise their mistakes.Some bike rider who was without helmet told that he felt really ashamed when the police officers stopped him and offered him the chocolate bar instead of challan. It was a lesson for life, he added.

Imposing Challan for the infringement of law is the rule of law, but people still do not follow the rules. So, this time J&K police adopted something new to make those people realise.

Like, to make someone realise that he should follow the traffic rules as traffic rules are not made just for fun  rather every rule in the rule book has a meaning and a reason,  one police officer stopped a person who was driving without the seatbelt. He offered him the chocolate and said that he could enjoy this chocolate with his kids and family only if he would reach home safe.

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This drive went for few hours and gave lessons for life.

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