J&K Police rebuts news report carried by Times of India


The J&K Police has strongly rebutted the news report carried by the Times of India regarding the functioning of the organization in the four South Kashmir district

The spokesman said the J&K Police has remained on the forefront while dealing with the law and order situation all over the state. All the Police stations and police posts in South Kashmir are fully functional and are working round the clock with the aid of other security agencies in bringing the situation under control. The J&K Police has risen to the occasion and faced the challenges with tremendous restraint despite grave provocations in the form of mobs attacking police establishments/vehicles/personnel.

The spokesman said in the past 44 days, Police has registered 537 cases against the rioters and ANEs; 381 miscreants have been arrested and booked under various relevant provision of law and numerous rioters have also got injured in action by police and security forces while controlling the law and order situation.

The spokesman added that due to the ongoing problems, there is very high concentration of security forces deployed in Tral bowl and there are no inputs regarding running of any terrorist training camp. The news report is not based on facts and is incorrect.

The contents of report especially closing down of police stations and running of militants training camps has been strongly refuted and termed as concocted and without any basis.

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