J&K Police to make a whopping 13 Crores out of Recruitment forms

Recruitment for government jobs sees brisk business these days owing to the staggeringly high number of unemployed youth that apply for the minimal number of openings. The government departments may not be doing this for the sake for money obviously but the filling of vacant posts has definitely become a a hen that lays golden eggs. Different departments in the state are grossing huge sums of money from the sale of forms to fill their vacant posts. The forms may not look very expensive to those coming from affluent families but for those youth belonging to families that live just above poverty line, choosing one form over the other becomes a massive problem. The BPL family faces even tougher times.

The target of 4.5 lakh applications is for just 4,000 vacant posts.

In the recent recruitment going on in the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department for the posts of cops in its executive and armed wings, the department has set a target of selling 4.5 lakh forms across the state. The sale of forms started on Sept 15 and the last date is Oct 15. The cost of one form isĀ  300 bucks and if the department succeeds in selling all the 4.5 lakh forms, it would be earning an amount of 13 crore rupees.

Another example of this money making machine was explicit in the recruitment int J&K bank which also got chance to wash hands in the Behti Ganga during the process. The form fee of rupees 300 is to be deposited in the shape of a bank draft which necessarily is to be got made from J&K Bank. The bank charges Rs 57 as commission charges per draft and if we calculate in view of the set target of police department, the Bank should be earning 2.5 crore rupees.

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