J&K : Politician’s son got married in 2015, Govt yet to receive marriage hall rent


Jammu : A senior politician and a former minister owns more than Rs 75 thousand rupees to Tourism Corporation as he had booked one of its luxurious clubs in Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital for the wedding ceremony of his son three years ago.

Sources privy to this development divulged that the former minister had booked several apartments for around seven days in Srinagar’s luxurious club that is owned by the Tourism Corporation of Jammu and Kashmir.

As he was supposed to pay the rent for the space hired by him, there are more than 75 thousand rupees still pending to be paid by the politician to the government.

It was informed further that the politician was informed several times by the government to clear the pending dues, hwoever there was no heed paid by him to the pleas. “The politician was even informed telephonically by the government over the pending dues and how it could lead to the entropy during the audit.


It is a kind of wasuli type thing that even after the repeated intimations, the politician is paying no heed,” sources privy to the development told Early Times.

“There is no other way that the government could seek the pending payment from the former minister. We can only request him but the irony is that there is no reply coming from him which gives a clear notion that he is not ready to clear the pending dues.

Otherwise, when more than three years have passed how could it be possible the person hasn’t paid 75 thousand rupees which being to the government,” sources privy to the development said.

Others were of the opinion that the politicians give damn to the government rules and regulations and are often found flaying them in bright day light. “The problem is that they find themselves as accountable to none and throw rules to the wind.

If some other person would have done it, he would have been dealt with severely and action as per the rules would have been taken against him. But here the person accused is a politician and was also a senior minister and that is the reason why the government isn’t cracking a whip against him,” says an official.

Meanwhile, if sources are to be believed, the government has been mulling to initiate legal action against the politician for the delay in clearing the pending payment to JK Tourism corporation.

It was stated that a legal notice is going to be delivered against the politician asking him why the legal course of action shall not be initiated against the said person for failing to clear the dues even after three years have passed. “It is most likely that some time will be given to the politician to make the final settlement or else there will be legal course of action initiated and through that route only, the government could then retrieve its payment,” sources said, adding that it is likely that the politician in question would be given an intimation to settle the dues.

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