J&K roads don’t take me home but to the graveyard cry people in the hills

Udhampur accident (2)When will the state government wakeup to the tragic loss of human lives on hilly roads in Jammu and Kashmir. If the chief minister, and his ministers do not travel in buses, and have the provision of flying in choppers, and driving in high end cars does that mean that ordinary folks will keep on dying, wasted on the roads which take us no where but the graves.

The failure of authorities in maintaining the roads, implementing traffic rules, preventing gross negligence by drivers, and owners of vehicles is causing these fatal accidents. These accidents have become a permanent feature on hills roads in the state but government has taken little or no cognizance of the problem. No high powered meeting of traffic officials, highway authorities has been called to find a solution for this problem. Traffic police in particular has to prevent that buses, and other commercial vehicles are not over crowded. The recent accident in Udhampur has revealed that 80 passengers had boarded the bus which had half the capacity.

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