J&K Shocker! Man poses as fake militant with dummy AK-47 guns to scare off lover’s fiance


While working on Operation All-Out 2, meant to target top 14 commanders of terrorist organisation in Kashmir, the Jammu-Kashmir Police found itself caught in the middle of a love affair.

Late on Saturday, the Jammu-Kashmir Police arrested four men posing as militants for threatening a man.

The group wore camouflaged uniforms usually worn by militants in the region. These men were also carrying fake AK-47 guns.

Here comes the twist, the men had gone to threaten the fiance of their friend, Adil. Adil, who was one of the four boys, was in love with a girl from South Kashmir, and hatched a plan to scare off the girl’s fiance.


The villagers caught hold of Adil, while the other three men managed to flee.

What followed was total chaos, as locals made videos with smartphones. The cops were called in and Adil was taken into custody.

A late night questioning revealed the motive. Adil wanted to win the hand of his lady love, who he told cops, was pressurised by her family to marry the man whom he ‘fake’ threatened.

Senior cops in South Kashmir told India Today, “There is no other case on the man, except trespassing.”

After spending a night in the police station, the prankster lover boy is likely to be let off. While the other three friends who had left Adil, are likely to be questioned but will eventually be let off.

“After all ‘miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega qazi’,” said a senior cop.

Cops said that it is still not clear whether the wedding will take place or not, but a cop from the region speaking on condition of anonymity said, “We empathise with him (Adil).”