J&K Team to play in the next IPL: BCCI Official

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Jammu and Kashmir has surely produced talent over the past many years. In the field of sports too, the state does not lag behind for the reason of talent but got the lack of infrastructure.

Chain Singh, from Doda, won so many golds at national and international games in the 50 metres Rifle Shooting category and will be representing India at the Rio Olympics. But since Chain Singh and many others like him don’t get any support of the J&K government, their talent is highly devalued.

Due to the failure of the Cricket Board in the state, the sportsmen suffer heavily as well. In the year 2014, the state excelled in Cricket, Gymnastics and Shooting. The state Ranji Team also made it to the Quarter-finals that year.

In an interview published on a national daily with a BCCI member from Jammu Mr. Ankush Abrol said that the J&K team will play in the IPL next year.

When asked about the construction of the stadium in Bajalta and why it was not started for the past six years, Mr. Abrol said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who is the President of JKCA(Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association), had set the foundation of the Stadium almost six years ago and it was set to be completed in two years time. He added that since the since the JKCA Scam came into the picture and National Conference did not come into power after that, so the entire Stadium project was left unattended.

Mr. Abrol was asked about the JKSA’s announcement last year where they assured that the J&K Cricket team would play in the IPL this year. To this he replied that due to the change in the state government it was not possible this year. And he said that the State Government will make all efforts so that the state team plays in the next IPL.

He was also questioned why the State Ranjhi team had more players from the valley than from Jammu. He completely denied this fact and

added that the players were selected on the basis of their performance alone and the ones who did well in the trials were the ones to get selected.

When asked about the sports clubs of the state are heavily funded by the organisation in spite of the fact that they hardly participate in any major events, he replied that strict action is to be taken against the clubs that don’t perform in any sports events despite being funded for the same. He also added that the association would evaluate the performances and the participation by these sports clubs in the past few years and even cancel the registration of such lousy clubs. He also denied the fact that the sports, especially cricket, in our state are being inspired by the terrorists. He says that cricket is a sportsmanship game and should be focused on that only.

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