J&K to only get one AIIMS-like institute – JP Nadda

AIIMS Rajya Sabha Reply
The underlined part clearly shows how the six states mentioned will get one AIIMS-like institute only thus confirming that Jammu and Kashmir is to get only one AIIMS-like institute.

New Delhi, August 5: Union Health Minister JP Nadda yesterday in a written reply tabled in the Rajya Sabha clarified that Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Bihar are the six states which are to receive individual AIIMS-like institutes during the Financial year 2015-2016. This has been announced by the Finance minister in his Budget Speech earlier this year.

The AIIMS Coordination committee in Jammu meanwhile has been protesting that the AIIMS was announced for Jammu and due to political pressure, the BJP allowed for its allocation to be done in Kashmir.

The AIIMS Coordination committee’s Bandh call has entered its sixth day today and in an emrgency meeting called by the AIIMS CC, the representatives clarified that they will not engage in talks with the local leadership and will accept an invite for discussion only by the Central Leadership.

It was widely reported that the BJP Jammu celebrated the supposed allocation of two AIIMS-like institutions through a tweet by Union health Minister JP Nadda. The statement tabled in Rajya Sabha, however defies the statements issued by J&K Health Minister among other BJP Ministers.


One thought on “J&K to only get one AIIMS-like institute – JP Nadda

  • August 5, 2015 at 11:57 am

    AIIMS for Jammu:BJP’s contradictions & Betrayals By:Satish Sharma”Bral”,Sr citizen Journalist:ACC struggling for AIIMS for Jammu with Union Health Minisitry clear notification has justified the apprehension of Jammu people.As central govt says ONLY ONE AIIMS for state and PDP led BJP shared coalition govt decided to shift the same to kashmir.However,intriguedly,JKBJP and their ministers as wel as DyCM are busy telling the people that J&K to get 2 AIIMS with Rs1500 crores fund allocations separately.Of course AIIMS like faclities definition is being used by bot BJP central govt and their men in ppower in state.Of late CM,Mufti spoken only once said,he will take up matter with union govt to grant 2 AIIMS,taking for granted already announced is for Kashmir.Consequently,ACC led by JKHCBA forced to opt for 6 days bandh which almost successfully to complete tonight and they will decide their next future recourse after deliberations today.
    As i was of the view,Jammu people has virtually lost their faith in political parties,since their longest agitation on Sh Amarnath land row delivered what to the affected people both compensation to affected masses and OUTCOME from agitation.Though,that agitation fulfilled handful politicians political ambitions but for Jammu people no tangible changes in their life styles largely ruled by Kashmiri indiscrimination,latest joined by BJP betrayals and U-Turns on issues of Jammu welfare or development.AIIMS then SMART CITY status for Jammu are completely denied by the BJP,whom Jammu voted into power but they become CAMP OFFICE of PDP.There are such views that JKBJP’s Kashmir Mission still after Kashmiris total rejection of BJP in elections on anvil and this mean CRUCIFICATION of Jammu by BJP at the altar of their political expansionist ambitions.Hence,AIIMS as i am of the view probably could evoke the desired popular response to force ruling parties to concede since our mindset are”SAB CHALTA HAI KOUN SUNTA HAI,SAB APNE LIYE SHORE MACHATE HAI”,fatalistic thinking caused by betrayals of Jammu’s JAI CHANDS in past and present,shift their loyalities with change of power to dupe their innocent Jammu masses.


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