J&K : Top separatist wants to hold ‘secret talks’ with Dineshwar Sharma


JAMMU, Nov 11: One of the top separatist leaders had reportedly sent a message to the interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma that he is in favour of talks and believes that parleys are the only “way forward,” sources told Early Times.

They said the separatist leader through one of his friends got it conveyed to Sharma that he cannot openly come forward for talks due to security reasons. “Government of India appointing an interlocutor for holding talks with stake holders in Kashmir has divided the separatists in the Valley.

Even the so-called joint separatist leadership is not on the same page vis-à-vis holding talks with GoI,” sources added.

A source said that a top separatist leader has shown inclination towards holding secret talks with the Interlocutor in New Delhi. “The separatist leader wants his endeavor to be kept a secret as he believes that he may get killed if hardliners and Pakistan come to know that he wants to hold talks with GoI,” the source added.


An insider revealed that separatist handlers sitting across the Line of Control (LoC) have told their stooges to stay away from Sharma and the talks process. “They separatists have been threatened of dire consequences if they become a part of the process.

Pakistan wants to pressurize India through separatists. People sitting across the Line of Control want to use separatists as tools to blackmail India.

Separatist handlers are of the opinion that by becoming a part of the talks process they can stake their claim over Kashmir,” the insider added.

An official privy to the development said that separatists who have shown inclination towards holding talks have been told in clear terms that they should come forward with an open mind rather than pleading the cause of Pakistan. “Besides a top separatist a few second rung separatists too have send feelers that they want to be the part of the process but the problem with all of them is that they want to keep the entire process as closed door secret.

All of them are claiming that they fear for their lives,” the official added.

He said the interlocutor would be visiting Srinagar again and there is a possibility about a few people may come forward. “This time around talks process is an entirely different affair.

People who want to remain with separatism and Pakistan have been sidelined but the ones who softened their stand and want to be a process aimed at restoring peace in the Valley are being encouraged. Pakistan stooges and agents have been told sorry in clear terms,” the interlocutor added.

Early Times Report

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