JK Turks: Rajan Mehta, a successful entrepreneur from Jammu who turned an idea into reality


rajan mehta

Rajan is the Founder & CEO of Live Media which is the largest “Captive Audience Network” in India with reach to 50 million selected audience every month through a network of 5000 screens in 80 cities. Prior to launching LiveMedia, Mehta had a very successful corporate career in the IT and telecom industries, working across all major functions, including sales, marketing, business development, engineering, project implementation and project management. His last assignment was as Vice-President and Member of the Board of Directors for India of Nortel Networks Inc. Earlier, in Nortel, Mehta held positions as diverse as Executive Assistant to the President for Asia-Pacific and Director-Business Development for India. Prior to joining Nortel Networks, Mehta worked for companies such as Motorola, Ascom and Crompton Greaves.
– What exactly is Live Media about, and how it comes into your mind to setup this business.

LiveMedia pioneered the concept of “Captive Audience Networks” in India and are creating an alternate channel for communication for reaching out to customer segments who are thin users of traditional media and otherwise difficult to reach. We set up networked LCD screens at places which are frequented by the public to effectively communicate with the target audience. Our network is one of the largest in India and spans over 2900 locations through 6000 Screens spread over 80 cities and towns and addressing over 60 million footfalls in a month. The owners of locations where we put up our Screens stand to benefit as our Network helps enhance the ambiance and overall experience of their Customers. The advertisers stand to benefit as they are able to reach and effectively communicate with their precise target segment without the usual wastage and high costs of traditional media. Audience enjoy watching our Screens as we bring to them a new genre of programming and content which matches with their outlook and lifestyle.


– If am not wrong you have started your business with your personal savings and presently your company has the largest network. How you managed and how you feel today?

Yeah, I started with my own savings as i was committed to the idea, and also was able to rope in overseas venture capitalists like Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Bay Partners. Having worked with MNCs abroad at different positions I had been able to make a substantial saving, and it came in handy. Being an entrepreneur, and successfully setting up a company gives you a sense of accomplishment. An entrepreneur is someone who dreams, do’s it and hands it over to the team, and this is what i am trying to do.


– Tell us something about your schooling and higher education?


I did my initial schooling at Presentation Convent which is one of the finest schools. T at here I went to Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh. I also studied management at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi after which I got an opporunity with top MNCs in India and abroad.


– Any incident or memorable moment related to Jammu which takes you to flashback when recalls?

There are several such incidents involving the school days, and it would be difficult to mention a single one. Studying in the school, going out with friends was an experience to relish for the entire life, and i savour those moments.


– Which is your favorite food joint in Jammu?

I love the food which is cooked by my family, aunt’s, and mothers of my friends who would offer different delicacies. The home food was sumptuous, and full of love which not only made delectable but also difficult to forget. Also there is a Kachalu wala in Raghunath Bazar who also offered different types of chutnies, and these were great.


– What is your success mantra?

My success mantra is to focus on things, keep costs under check, have an idea and work religiously on it. Once it takes shape, and gathers critical mass then it can be handed over to the team which helps in scaling it up. Being open to new ideas, and changing with ties is also critical to become a successful entrepreneur.