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JKBJP Ministers, MLAs chastised by centre

Jammu and Kashmir News

On completion of a month of the newly formed PDP-BJP Coalition Government, the BJP high command seems disappointed with the conduct and insight of its ministers and legislators and their inability to produce any encouraging result. Ignoring public works and party workers’ grievances the party members could not regain its credibility.

BJP national vice-president and Jammu and Kashmir affairs in charge Avinash Rai Khanna officiated a party meeting at Vir Bhawan, the RSS Headquarters in Jammu. The idea of this meeting was to find reasons for non-performance of the party in the state. The PMO, according to Avinash Rai Khanna, is flooded with people expressing their outrage and dissatisfaction about the conduct of ministers and legislators.

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It was for the first time during the coalition that BJP ministers and legislators were “summoned to Vir Bhawan” for a meeting on government affairs. In the meeting, the party members were directed to shun their differences and start working for “healthy governance” and also warned ministers and legislators of landing in trouble due to non-performance.

The second stretch of the Coalition began on April 4 with two changes in the Council of Ministers with the expectation of better results.

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On the 12th of April, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in his speech exhorted leaders to connect with the masses and complete all development projects on time. He added that swapping ministries and dropping ministers had led to bitterness among ministers and legislators, who were busy finding fault with each other instead of paying attention to development projects and people’s’ grievances. His persuasion, it seems, fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, state BJP president Sat Sharma said that party activists have to act as a bridge between the government and people so that problems of the masses are attended to and their grievances get addressed to their satisfaction. He emphasized that good and healthy governance could only be achieved once the ministers understand their role and seek innovation to do their jobs.

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