JKPSC Copy-Paste Scam; After English its Computer Science exam

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Srinagar, June 30:  The paper set by the JKPSC for the post of 10+2 Lecturers in Computer Science has allegedly been revealed to be copied and pasted from online websites.

Earlier this month, the entrance paper for the English Lecturers was found out to be copied too. It was revealed that the entire computer exam was copied from two websites namely “PS Exams and India Bix”.
The aspirants who appeared in the examination said that PSC had given a particular syllabus for the paper, but the exam hardly touch any relevant topics. Around 90% of the exam was copied.
Out of 120 questions asked in the paper, 104 questions were an exact copy from the “PS Exam website” and 16 questions were copied from “India Bix website”. The question paper was already published on these websites and that the Board copied them further raises questions upon the credibility of PSC.
Aspirants claimed that commission has made mockery of the exam for the post of 10+2 computer science lecturers which was held on June 26, 2016 across various centers in J&K. Instead of setting paper through noted professors and educationists, the authorities at PSC have copied 100% of the questions from these two websites.
Admitting the fact, Secretary PSC Shakeel Ul Rehman Rather, said that he won’t rule out the possibility that the paper setter had copied the entire paper from the two websites. He further added that it is up to paper setter and that the PSC has no role to set the paper for concerned exams. There is a procedure if there is 10 % out of syllabus we can conduct re-exam for computer science paper.
As per the norms, most of the examination bodies set question papers independently so that all candidates get a fair chance of answering the questions. Recently, PSC has invited severe criticism for copying 83 percent questions from a particular book for aspirants during the examination of 10+2 lecturers in English subject held on June 5 this year.

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