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JKPSC favouring Kashmiris; Highly qualified Jammu youth left in lurch


Highly qualified Jammu youth accuse JKPSC of Regional bias; Riding Modi wave BJP slowly losing ground to PDP mischief

JAMMU, APR 02: On the day the prime minister inaugurated the much acclaimed, state of art tunnel shortening the gap (distance) between Srinagar and Jammu, where one side the prime minister Narinder Modi appealed the youth of Kashmir to shun stone pelting and reap the benefits of development, the youth of Jammu are crying foul accusing the premier JK Public Service Commission of playing patrician role and undermining the career of educated youth of Jammu region.

As per available data available with The Mandate, the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission under its incumbent chairman is ensuring that at an average only 20 percent youth from Jammu got employed in the recently conducted interviews. Where most of the candidates of Jammu region despite having higher qualification were however found unfit by the different boards that conducted the interviews.

It seems that JKPSC is only working as an agent of PDP and BJP is simply looking on as a silent spectator. It is clear from yet another Selection list just released of Assistant Professors in the Discipline of EDUCATION.

Total Candidates selected=103

OPEN MERIT From Kashmir Division= 50 From Jammu Division = 13 Total = 63

RBA Catageory From Kashmir Division=17 From Jammu Division = 09 Total = 26

ST Catageory From Kashmir Division =06 From Jammu Division = 04

ST Gaddi =None = 04 Total = 14

Total candidates selected=103

From Kashmir =73

From Jammu = 30

Now the question is who safeguard the genuine interests and provide justice to the public of Jammu Division in general and Unemployed Educated youth of Jammu province in particular, because the Party whom the Jammu Division has voted blindly has now totally seems to have surrendered before PDP and JKPSC by appointing such partial, politically motivated and cruel members of JKPSC who are out and Kashmir oriented or incapable of providing Justice to Jammu based Meritorious candidates , inspite of massive injustice with Jammu based aspirants and there is no reaction from BJP due to which victimized Educated youth are accusing BJP of mercilessly cutting the throats of these educated Jammu division youth with Agencies like JKPSC dancing to the tune of PDP to facilitate the interests of Kashmiri’s stone pelting Kashmiris, making Azadi moment economically more stronger accused a meritorious youth from Jammu suffering from the onslaught of JKPSC.

Moreover it is very painful that the candidates of Jammu Division who had qualified screening test for these posts with very high merit were excluded in final selection while those from Kashmir who had merely qualified screening got selected in final list.

Only because they were Kashmiris. It clearly shows that PDP is successfully implementing its plan but BJP exists nowhere in other words BJP has given full autonomy to PDP to play with emotions, aspirants & rights of poor, helpless and deprived but Highly Educated unemployed youth of the Jammu Division.

Further, it is not first time when rights of candidates from Jammu division were crushed by JKPSC, you can study any recently declared list during PDP-BJP partnership and the result will be the same.

It is neither ones personal problem nor my interest but ones duty to bring to knowledge that nothing is working in favour of BJP so far and that BJP’s silence is very much responsible in making JKPSC a sister agency of PDP and Kashmiris to continue with unchecked and uncontrolled Killer instinct against the poor Educated youth of Jammu

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