JMC caught making mockery


Citizen Journalist Picture by Sandeep Singh

Well, the board reads “JMC Container No:- 6, Ward No:- …..” but clearly there is no container can be seen in the vicinity of the board but garbage lying on the ground. The Picture is taken at Green Belt Park Area.

This is the scenario of a posh colony of Jammu city. One can wonder what might be the condition of the rural areas or the outskirts.FotorCreatedThis is sad. On one side, the Jammu Municipal Cooperation aggrieves that non-cooperation of residents in making the city clean but on the other side, this pictures tell a completely opposite story. In the absence of any dustbin, even the people who wanted to cooperate are forced to dump their garbage in open.

I guess, the cooperation needs to understand that they need to understand a container first and then a board giving details of that container.


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