JMC intensifies drive against encroachers

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JAMMU: In compliance to orders of the High Court, the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) on Wednesday intensified drive against encroachers, illegal Rehris/ Pheris causing traffic congestion and obstructing free movement of pedestrians on footpaths.

The drive was conducted on instructions of Commissioner JMC, Vikas Sharma under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner (R) JMC, Prem Singh in various areas including Below Gumat, Vinayak Bazaar, Jewel, Gurdwara Sunder Singh Road, Hari Market and Residency Road.

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The Chief Enforcement Officer, Rajesh Gupta; Revenue Officer, Sunil Gupta and enforcement staff of JMC was also present during the drive, during which JMC team removed encroachments and cleared footpaths and pavements.

The team seized five truck-loads of material like counters, wooden molding beats, illegal flexes and hoardings displayed by shopkeepers/Pheri-walas in front of their shops and footpaths causing traffic congestion and obstructing free flow of pedestrians.

The team also lifted seven illegal Rehris, plying without permission, from Jewel area.

Jammu Municipal Corporation appealed to the shopkeepers to remove encroachments failing which the JMC shall be bound to take action against the defaulters/encroachers in terms of Section 232 of Municipal Corporation Act, 2000, which may further lead to sealing of shop as per law.

“Strict instructions were also issued to the street vendors/Pheri-walas to ply their Rehris only in ‘Rehri zones’ established by Jammu Municipal Corporation,” a JMC official said.