JMC workers doing a commendable job in making the Jammu city, a neat and clean one


By Citizen Journalist: Nishant Sharma

Jammu: The workers of Jammu Municipal Corporation are putting their best efforts to make the city, a neat and clean one. But contrary to this, the people can be seen least bothered or concerned about their moral duty towards the city or environment. The pictures attached, show how JMC workers are putting the scattered garbage in the bins installed in the main bazaars of the city and around that we can see the scattered garbage which is evident of the above stated fact. Garbage is left to scatter on the roads by people and then pin it all on the government and the concerned departments for not doing their duties.

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It is strange that despite such provisions by the JMC, people care less about cleanliness and feel free to dump it all around the place instead of putting it straight into the bins installed, which is not even a tedious task.

Swachh Abhiyan was a campaign to initiate such minor but vital duties of every citizen and it was expected that the campaign message would turn into a regular moral habit among the people and would not be simply tossed away after a few days.