JNU Can hold Anti-India Rallies; Jammu Univ cannot even hold blood donation camps


Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, MARCH 18: Odd as it is, the difference between a low-ranked university such as Jammu University and one of the best Universities, JNU, is quite plain. JNU’s name may have been maligned in the past month or so but the fact remains that the students and political unions are tolerated with their activities. That is the kind of environment that allows free thinking. That is the kind of environment that allows for mistakes and it is with mistakes that a mind blooms.

On the  other hand is Jammu University, where something as simple as a blood donation camp is not allowed, because the Vice-Chancellor didn’t deem fit that a political group, in this case the ABVP, was conducting it. The question is simple, would ABVP become the most popular group at the JU because of a blood donation camp? Not at all! Why then the politicisation by the Vice-Chancellor?

The Vice Chancellor (VC), University of Jammu, Prof RD Sharma, has sought an opinion from civil society on the use of university campuses and its facilities by the frontal student organisations, affiliated to different political parties.

His move has come a day after Speaker of the state Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta openly criticised the Jammu University administration for denying permission to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) for organising its annual blood donation camp on the campus since it was apolitical in nature.

The camp was to be organised in the memory of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev.

“Members of Jammu civil society are earnestly requested to give their opinion for the use of Jammu University campuses and its facilities by the frontal student organisations, affiliated to political parties. As per existing norms such facilities are not allowed to be used by such organisations. However, JU students can do so with prior permission under the supervision of their respective teaching departments of the university, Department of Student Welfare or health centres, but not independently in the names of such frontal student organisations of which they are active members in their private capacity,” the VC said in his post on a social networking site today.

He said in the past a few of such student organisations used to manage it due to the reasons and through the methods already known to the civil society. “Had such practice not stopped just in the immediate past, many incidents like those happened in Jadavpur University or JNU could have happened in Jammu University also. Hence considered opinion requested,” he added.

The university, while referring to its earlier order, had said that “auditorium and seminar halls would not be made available to any political, religious or any other frontal organisation”.



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