Jobs being given to kith and kin of influential in Central Universty, Jammu; norms being twisted


jmtrib4Questions are being raised about the recruitment in Central University, Jammu as there are allegation that all rules were flouted while hiring academic as well as supporting staff in what has been described as the premier academic institute of the region. Rules were manipulated, and regulations were twisted to ensure that kith and kin of influential people were able to secure the lucrative university jobs at the cost of merit holders, it is being alleged. The violations are particularly glaring in the case of fourth class employees as it is being alleged that those working in the homes of VIPs and VVIPs have been adjusted or rewarded for serving their masters. All this has been done in complete violation of rules, it is being alleged.

The fourth class employees have been appointed in such a way that if they are removed for service then this could lead to prolonged litigation as no standard criteria has been followed, and in violation of all norms.

It is further being said that no advertisement was released or permanent recruitment has been done for hiring non-teaching staff, and this has been done to ensure that contractual route is used to fill the important positions at the Central University. The reason is to ensure that relatives of influential people are able to get these jobs, and sources allege that when permanent recruitment will happen, then undue benefit will be given to the contractual staff as they have the relevant experience of working in the central university. All this is being done to ensure that contractual staff which has connections with powerful people is accommodated through the backdoor, while applicants with better merit, and experience are shown the door, and made to struggle in the job market. It is being alleged that for some positions in the University the eligibility criteria was fixed in such a manner that candidates with less marks were called for interviews.

VC SS BloeriaAllegations are being made that rules and regulations are being framed by vested people, and approved by the same group who want that only blue-eyed men, and women are able to get employment at this university. In fact fingers are being raised against the former VC SS Bloeria, and it is being alleged that he overlooked the recruitment process, and is equally responsible for the sham which is taking place at the university. It is being said that with such machinations taking place at the Central University it is not long before that institution becomes another place which is meant to provide jobs to the rich and influential in Jammu and Kashmir while academics, research, and education takes a backseat as has happened in Jammu University. With nepotism, and parochialism running deep in our institutions it is not difficult to see that promise of Jammu having a great educational institution will wither away soon if corrective action is not taken soon.

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